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Learning from Others

Hearing other's stories helps me gain more perspective. My world view is partially shaped from the experiences I live through and the ones I come across along my journey. Reading and listening to alternate view points broadens that world view.

What books/stories have you learned from? Comment below 👇



☑️ Fascinating insight of the power of education! This is not a pros or cons of school/education system (that's another debate), but looking at how the type of information we are exposed to can impact ones' perspective.

☑️ I loved this true story of how the author gained perspective through education and by challenging her own world view from her upbringing in the Mormon community.

☑️ Imagine if you never heard of the WWII tragedies/the Holocaust? Surely this is 'common knowledge'? Not quite. If you had not been exposed to this information then perhaps you would not be aware... Thus the importance of education here.


Born A Crime

☑️ Comedian Trevor Noah shares his journey from growing up during the apartheid in South Africa to being a global comedian and host of The Daily Show (I had many laughs watching the OG host Jon Stewart while growing up!).

☑️ Plenty of humour and wit combine to unveil harsh realities made this both a hilarious and compelling read.

☑️ Myth busting - This is not another 'celebrity biography', but offers a rare insight in to a different country's regime and experience.

☑️ Highly giftable!


The Choice

We can focus on the good or focus on the bad. What will you choose?

☑️ WOW. An Auschwitz survivor's inspiring memoir that left me thinking about what it means to have courage and resilience.

☑️ Dr Edith Eger is the epitome of courage and tenacity, in the face of overcoming obstacles in the very dark days of WWII.

☑️ I first spotted Edith in an interview with Oprah (link below) and after hearing her speak about her experiences, I knew I needed to read her story in more depth. Her interview is linked here:


Enjoy the read, enjoy the journey.


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