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Building a Bank

Stumbled upon 'Banking On It - How I Disrupted an Industry and Changed the Way We Manage our Money Forever ' which follows Anne Boden's journey in disrupting the financial services landscape by founding Starling Bank in the UK.

For those who don't know Starling, here are a few facts as of August 2021:

🟪 UK mobile banking platform 🟪 2014 founded

🟪 2 million users

🟪 +£1 billion valuation after Series D funding of £272m

🟪 Won Best British Bank Award 4 years running - must be doing something right?

Turning an idea in to reality may not be easy and sometimes may feel near impossible, but Anne's story is a testament to how we can make it possible and how to start DOING what you are passionate about creating.

Whether you're interested in the financial services/banking sector or not, this is a riveting start-up story!

Here is why I liked this read:

☑️ I'm grateful this was not a sales pitch for Starling, but focused on Anne and the rollercoaster ride of turning an idea in to a functioning industry change-maker.

☑️ Open account about the highs and lows of start-up life

☑️ Inspired me to find opportunities to improve myself

☑️ Female leader perspective (more of these please!)

☑️ Better understanding of a founders journey

☑️ Insight in to challenges when attempting to improve a system/business model.

☑️ I didn't realise Anne was the COO at Allied Irish Bank (AIB) at home in Ireland too!

Now, I'll wait for the books about Revolut, Monzo and the like next!


Enjoy the read,


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