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Can I combine geopolitics 🌏, race 🤦‍♀️ and art 🎨 in one post? Yes, yes I can.

Three key areas to learn about in three key books below. Now, go learn.

What topics do you want to learn about? Comment below 👇


Prisoners of Geography

☑️ Crash course in geopolitics.

☑️ A solid way to better understand the historical and current global political sphere.

☑️ A new perspective is uncovered as I began to learn of how relations with neighbouring countries are being impacted by the surrounding physical make-up of the region.

☑️ Key insights: How geography impacts international affairs.


Superior: The Return of Race Science

☑️ Brilliant non-fiction read!

☑️ Breaking down the science and history behind race was a gap in my knowledge. Well done to the author Angela Saini

☑️ Ever hear of a Human Zoo? Like a zoo for people on display instead of animals. Well, they existed!! - termed 'ethnological expositions' less than 100 years ago.

☑️ Insights missed in schools' history curriculum.


Breakfast at Sotheby's

☑️ Best 'Art for Dummies' book! Having aced Art History in the A-Levels (UK)/Leaving Cert(Ireland), I thought this refreshed my knowledge nicely.

☑️ I picked this up after an exhibition visit at Sothebys (aka big name in Art auctioneering).

☑️ Explore how art acquires financial value and understand key art concepts.

☑️ You may recognise the author, Philip Hook, from Antiques Roadshow, as well as being a Sotheby’s director.


Enjoy the read, enjoy the journey.


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