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Hello World

Well hello 👋

Writing my first ever blog post – no pressure.

Essentially to intro this blog/site, I’m a human who loves reading, absorbing knowledge and know it can be tough to find a good book/podcast. I ultimately end up googling a generic term like ‘best books to read’ or scrolling around a book store site (original I know).

Hence why created this recommendation site where you can find a good read or solid audio content. These recommendations have personally helped me to learn about new topics with innovative ideas and suggestions that I feel can apply to anybody, at any stage of ones life.

With a background in finance and consulting, and experience founding a start-up, I have come across a range of useful content that has helped me to grow, learn, and have the confidence to take on new challenges. And now I’m happy to share my selections with you.

So check out the Recommendations page and find yourself a good one!


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