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Learn from leaders and their stories

Here are a few biographies I used to learn from leaders and stories that worked;

🛍 Alibaba

🍔 McDonalds

🇺🇸 Michelle Obama

💼 Disney

Now I'm about to dive in to Ruth Bader Ginsberg's story in 'My Own Words'!


Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma

☑️ We hear about Amazon much of the time, but have you really looked into Alibaba (i.e. the Amazon of the east)!?

☑️ Great insight into this internet titan success story and China's economic and corporate landscape.

☑️ I enjoy hearing about founders stories and sometimes try to pick patterns in behaviour in founders or simply see what strategies (if any) they used in their journeys. So I turned to Jack Ma - An English teacher turned entrepreneur, who founded the second largest global Internet company.


Grinding It Out

🍔 The story of McDonalds had been on my to-read list for a while as I wanted to understand how they scaled at the rate they did!

🍟 Good read in to a business model that effectively shaped our current corporate landscape, although rather dated (published in the 70's)

🍟 The key insight for me was how Ray Kroc started to build the global brand with a hyper-loyal customer base - as we still see today.

🍔Now excuse me while I get a chicken burger!



☑️ “The lesson being that in life you control what you can.”

― Michelle Obama

☑️ To me, this book has been a subtle guide to 'How to control what you can and defy the odds others may place upon you'.

☑️ Now this is a very good read. To my surprise there was a lot of content and experiences shared of Michelle's life before hitting the world stage as First Lady. These stories from her younger years through home life, school life and trying to build a career as a young professional resonated with me.

☑️ If you want to feel empowered like I did, read or listen to this.


Ride of a Lifetime

☑️ Memoir of Bob Iger, ex-CEO of Disney (for 15 years).

☑️ Having led key acquisitions including, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm (aka Star Wars), the experiences here were more insightful than other 'how to be a leader' type books.

☑️ Smart business insights coupled with a view of being a CEO, I learned more on leadership and how to/how not to run a firm.

☑️ Key insight: Addressing how failures/obstacles were handled. One such disaster was when a young child was killed by a crocodile while holidaying at Disney resort. What happened next and how did Disney handle it.... you'll have to start reading to find out.

What Leaders inspire you? Drop a comment below 👇


Enjoy the read, enjoy the journey.


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