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Level up as a Leader!

Leadership books aren't limited to the books with 'Leadership' in the title.

Understanding and gaining insight in to different perspectives can aid how you manage a team or lead an initiative. Why? Because you better understand people, your team, the various styles of communication and behaviour.

Gold nuggets of knowledge are tucked away in the below titles.

Learn the following below;

🤝 Negotiate

🗣 Understand people

👩‍💻 The power of data

📈 How to step up

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Never Split the Difference

☑️ Negotiation masterclass with ex-FBI hostage negotiator.

☑️ "Life is a negotiation" so we better learn the art.

☑️ Applicable principles, whether at the job, home or ordering the morning coffee.

☑️ The crux of the title is to not settle for less than what you had aimed for. A harder goal than it sounds and hence why there's a book diving in to the details!


Invisible Women: Data Bias in A World Designed For Men

☑️ MUST READ for current or aspiring Leaders, anyone building a business, building products or using data. Despite the title, this is not a book just for women.

☑️ From car seat belts being designed for the male body and smartphones sized to fit male hand metrics to biases in medical research data, you will learn a lot like I have. Seriously.

☑️ I now understand the impact that the existing gender data gaps have on you, me and society overall.

⁉️Question for you, the reader - Have you looked at such data gaps that impact your business/employer? To anyone using data in your firm, are you truly being inclusive with your data strategy?


Quiet: The Power of Introverts

☑️ After reading this, I felt like I understood myself more as an ambivert (i.e. mix of intro/extrovert) and learned what styles or strategies may suit those across that spectrum.

☑️ Historically, activities/skills linked with extraversion has been praised as a key factor to success, for example, public speaking, presenting and socialising/networking. While there is nothing wrong with these solid skills, they are geared towards and favour the extroverts among us.

☑️ Susan cleverly discusses the experiences of introverts and how we can better value their contribution and talents (whether they be your colleagues, friends or family).


Lean In

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”

☑️ Learn lessons from Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg.

☑️ To 'Lean in' means to grab opportunities without hesitation.

☑️ The style of writing is more conversional and an easy read.

☑️ Want to up your Empowerment game? Read this.


Enjoy the read, enjoy the journey.


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