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Once Upon A Tech Company

Learn from Netflix, Twitter and Instagram.

Thought that Netflix sprang up from nowhere only in recent years? So did I, but turns out Netflix started back in 1997, in DVD rentals! Learning from businesses that have gone through the growth stages helped me to see the bigger picture when creating a vision.

Know a good FinTech/start-up book? Comment below.


The Netflix story

☑️ The pain of late fees (recall Blockbuster?) led to Netflix being born.

☑️ Follow Netflix’s co-founder, Marc Randolph, as the team build the new ways we watch content!

☑️ A tool to create and maintain an innovative culture is for people to be "loosely coupled but tightly aligned" - i.e. clear goal but room to move.

☑️ Top quote:

"If Nobody Knows Anything, then you have to trust yourself. You have to test yourself. And you have to be willing to fail.


The Twitter story

☑️ “In the past, history was always written by the victors. But in the age of Twitter, history is written by everyone.” ~ Nick Bolton

☑️ In-depth account of the social media platform Twitter and their not so smooth ride to success.

☑️ More focus on co-founder relationships and power dynamics!

☑️ With 200m users, they must have done something right?

☑️ Top quote: "Let's make better mistakes tomorrow".


The Instagram story

☑️ To scroll or not to scroll ..? 🧐

☑️ The story captures the rise of Insta's rise to a cultural defining company that has fundamentally changed how we interact with and consume content. Want to learn how they did this? Hell yeah.

☑️ Insta/The 'gram' is synonymous with scrolling, for better or worse. To me, this is marketing and behavioural nudging genius.

☑️ If you can't beat an app, learn from them.


Enjoy the read, enjoy the journey.


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Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor
Jun 22, 2021

Another Netflix book which is incredible is no rules rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer. It is more HR-y than It is startup-y but it's really interesting book.

Would be very keen to raise a book on the actual starting of Netflix though!

Journey To Epic
Journey To Epic
Jun 23, 2021
Replying to

Great call @Patrick, will check this out and let’s discuss! Chapters 2-6 in particular look at the early pivots/strategy.

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