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Seeking Start-up Advice?

Start-ups are chaotic and delve in to uncertainty?

This may be true is many cases, so why not look in to applicable frameworks (Lean StartUp), the art of powerful platform creation (Platform Revolution) or simply learn how to catch opportunities (Greenlights).

The below titles cover Structure, Strategy and Mindset applicable to business/young firms.

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The Lean Startup

☑️ Learn start-up strategies from Eric's experiences as a founder, startup advisor and employee.

☑️ For the project manager/consultant readers - basically this talks about effective Agile frameworks/Scrum elements.

☑️ Clearly structured steps for start-ups. Lessons also apply to larger organisations.

☑️ Key insight is the term 'Validated Learning' where we learn how close an adjustment is in meeting the needs of the end client.



🛑 STOP! Why a celebrity biography made this list? Through a crazy story, here's what I learned that relate to business -How to;

✅ See and catch opportunities

✅ Think differently

✅ Turn situations to ones advantage or learn from a situation to better oneself

✅ Power of reflection to craft your journey

✅ How to spot the green 🟢, amber 🟡, red 🔴 lights in your life


Platform Revolution

☑️ A good friend recommended this one and although it's not the easiest read, I felt like I peeked behind the veil of many well known company's platform business model.

☑️ See methods used by Apple, Uber, Airbnb, PayPal, Amazon.

☑️ Understand how networks work effectively and how platforms spur on synergy while driving cost of value creation down.

☑️ Building a business? Perhaps think about building a platform.

☑️ Key insight was learning the dynamics of how platforms tick.


Enjoy the read, enjoy the journey.


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