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Simple books with big meaning

Big books are often glorified - Ulysses with +700 pages or Anna Karenina which could be a multiple book series!

But less can certainly be more, so here are books with less words, that speak more in meaning.

I found gems in each one 💎

Have a recommendation? Comment below 👇


Milk and Honey

☑️ Poetry from the amazing Rupi Kaur

☑️ Thought provoking - steered me to self-reflect

☑️ Simple words conveying deep meaning

☑️ I often read in the coffee shops of London and usually bring a book like this one too, for inspiration.


The Boy, Mole, Fox and the Horse

☑️ A book for adult or children? I think both.

☑️ Gold nuggets of life advice coupled with elegant illustrations

☑️ Makes for a solid gift 🎁

☑️ Guess what? I enjoyed this so much that I wrote to the author asking for a version called 'The Girl, the mole....' , because if I don't ask then I won't know what is possible.


Oneness With All Life

☑️ Quotes and mini passages for inspiration and/or advice.

☑️ Sometimes I'll randomly open a page and often I find it answers a piece of the puzzle I've been looking at.

☑️ First time hearing of the author?

Check out his first book here >> Power Of Now


Enjoy the read, enjoy the journey.


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